AACA Listserv

Welcome to the general mailing list for the Arizona Association of Crime Analysts.

This list is intended for general information-sharing regarding crime analysis related topics (i.e., job announcements, product/software questions and how-to’s). Please do not send law enforcement sensitive material or crime bulletins to this list.

This list also serves as the AACA Board’s method of communicating with our members. We will post information regarding upcoming meetings, trainings, and other important announcements here.  You may also stay up-to-date with what’s going on in our membership by visiting our website – www.aacaonline.org.

Using the list:

  • To post a message, email to aaca@list.aacaonline.org.
  • Things to remember:
    • Do not address or copy to other email addresses. This will cause your post to bounce.
    • Use content specific subject lines (i.e., Job Opportunity, Excel Help, etc.).
    • Message size limit is 1 MB. Condense pictures and PDFs prior to sending to avoid delays due to size restrictions.
  • You may reply-all when necessary, however, to keep inboxes clean, please do so with caution.
  • To view Archives of previous posts or for general information about this list, visit: http://list.aacaonline.org/mailman/listinfo/aaca_list.aacaonline.org.

Subscription Changes:

  • You can choose to receive posts in digest mode (bundled together, usually one email per day) instead of receiving an email as items are posted. To change this and other subscription settings visit: http://list.aacaonline.org/mailman/options/aaca_list.aacaonline.org.


  • List receipients must be approved by the moderator.
  • This list is NOT private to Law Enforcement only. Please do not send law enforcement sensitive material to this list.

If you have any questions about this list, please contact WebMaster@AACAOnline.org.

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