Membership will include access to some exciting training classes and our informative and interesting quarterly meetings, as well as access to our listserv for an immediate connection to other members.
Membership dues are for a calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

The AZTAN listserv is for sharing crime related news/problems across jurisdictions and is reserved for Regular members only. The AACA listserv is for general informational purposes (not law enforcement sensitive) and is accessible to all Regular and Associate members. Marketing and solicitation are not permitted on any AACA Listserv.

AACA Regular Membership -- $40 USD/Yearly

All employees of Arizona criminal justice agencies are eligible to apply for Regular Membership in the AACA. In addition, volunteer personnel of those agencies as well as individuals affiliated with criminal justice agencies are encouraged to participate in the AACA and may also apply.

Dual Regular (AACA & IACA) -- $55 USD/Yearly

Both Regular and Associate members are eligible to receive a $10 discount on membership in the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA). The Dual option must be selected at the time of application and must be paid for prior to March 1 of the membership year. A list of members who have applied for dual membership will be sent to IACA at the beginning of March for IACA to process all at the same time. Applicants wishing to apply for IACA membership after March 1 must apply and pay directly/separately to IACA for that membership year (at their regular cost).

Associate Membership -- $20 USD/Yearly

All Arizona students, professionals teaching Crime Analysis courses or vendors with a niche in Crime Analysis are eligible to apply for Associate Membership in the AACA.

Dual Associate (AACA & IACA) -- $35 USD/Yearly

The AACA does not pro-rate membership dues, with the exception of dues paid between November 1 and December 31 of each year. Please read the AACA By-Laws (Article III, Section E) for more information. All membership applications are subject to review and approval by the current AACA Executive Board. The AACA Executive Board reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and to review the current status of any individual member at any time.

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