Membership will include access to some exciting training classes and our informative and interesting quarterly meetings, as well as access to our listserv for an immediate connection to other members.

Membership dues run in a Calendar Year Cycle, January 1 – December 31.

AACA Associate Membership --- $20

All Arizona professionals associated with law enforcement who are vendors, students, professionals teaching Crime Analysis courses or non-law enforcement people interested in Crime Analysis are eligible to apply for Associate Membership in the AACA.

AACA Regular Membership --- $35

All employees of Arizona criminal justice agencies are eligible to apply for Regular Membership in the AACA. In addition, volunteer personnel of those agencies as well as individuals affiliated with criminal justice agencies are encouraged to participate in the AACA and may also apply.

AACA/IACA Regular Dual Membership --- $50

If you are an employee or volunteer of an Arizona criminal justice agency and you have a demonstrated interest in crime analysis, you should apply for a Regular Dual Membership in AACA/IACA.

Regular members of the AACA are eligible to receive a $10 discount on membership in the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA).These dues run from April 1 – March 31. The IACA only allows the group membership discount until April 30th of each year. If you are joining past this date, you will need to join IACA as an individual until the following year group renewal period.

All regular and associate member applications are subject to review and approval by the current AACA Executive Board. The AACA Executive Board reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and to review the current status of any individual member at any time.

Registration Information

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